Thursday, April 9, 2015

First Mountain, Blencathra.

This was Louis' first lakeland mountain, Blencathra is a big peak for young people with much smaller legs. Our day out started in excellent conditions from the Mill Inn at Mungrisedale.

We walked along the river Glenderamackin and set off for Scales Fell

Our first sight of Sharp Edge, Blencathra's fantastic ridge.

The walk along the river had been quite easy going but the walk onto Scales Fell was tricky. Louis persevered and made it onto the Scales fell ridge.

The ridge provided us with fine views of Sharp edge and a helicopter rescue.

The mountain kept on going up and up, Louis was amazed by the fine views looking over Doddick fell and Halls fell ridge. Walking in the snow added the desired magic!

All of us at the summit.

The descent was excellent fun. From the summit we went towards Atkinson pike and wandered across Mungrisedale common towards Bannerdale crags. A footpath allowed us to descend the side of the tongue and enjoy cartwheels, pretend sledging and rollypolys down the side of the hill. Amazing achievement Louis, well done on an excellent full mountain day.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

A busy day on Helvellyn!

Just before we were setting off we had an ice cream as cold as  glistening snow. 

When we where setting  off we saw a horse with a spotty and polka dotted coat. 

We saw mist covering the hills and mountains it was beautiful.
 We saw some sheep being rounded up by the sheep dog, they performed a line of sheep.

We had a little break at the hole in the wall.

Here's a picture of Helvellyn striding edge is on the left of the picture and on the right is Swirrel edge. To get to the top of Helvellyn we had to kick our feet in the snow and dig our stick in the snow to use as hand holds.

                                   We looked at striding edge and this is what we saw.

                                                Sitting down waiting for slow daddy.

To get to the top of Helvellyn we had to kick our feet in the snow and dig our stick in the snow to use as hand holds.

While we were eating our scrumptious lunch we were looking at the path where someone had been skiing it was nearly a vertical drop!

                                               This is where we were eating our lunch.
                                       This a lake we were looking at down from Helvellyn.

                                            The rocks in this area looked like a grave yard.

These is my favourite views from the walk.