Saturday, November 21, 2015

Icicle Hunt on Kinder Southern Edge

The last couple of weekends have been rather soggy. Whilst Keisha was practicing for her Cheer Leading Competition, Louis and myself headed out to Edale. It was a cold day crisp underfoot and a biting wind provided a wind chill giving an arctic chill. Louis armed with camera snapped enthusiastically for his photographer activity badge at Beavers. We headed out of Edale along the Grindsbrook path. We had great fun scrambling over the rocks as the alley slides closed in and contained us in the valley.
High up above Grindsbrook we spotted Parrot rock (or muppet rock compare the likeness at the muppet wiki)!

Following the fun of the scramble we had a fantastic view back down Grindsbrook and across to Grindslow knoll. In contrast to my recovery walk in March I found this much easier.
Someone was so enthralled with the view they needed a sleep!
 As we headed along the bed of the clough Louis seemed to enjoy the icy covering he was having fun sliding around. We finally arrived at the southern edge forming the side of Grindsbrook clough. We sat in the shelter tent ate our sandwiches and drank hot black currant. Some walkers came past and had a chat with the
As we walked along we played a game of cracking the ice with Louis leading the challenge. We had to step on all the ice patches, it was a slippy slidey walk. Lots of people were careering all over the place!
Wow.....   icicles!
The snow, ice and light of the day bring out some of the wierd and wonderful patterns in the rock sculptures.
Louis started exploring the peat groughs and liked the icicles and started collecting them. Although we'd moved on from the ice challenge he slipped over and the icicles broke. Disaster....  we were now in a critical situation and had to harvest more icicles!
Louis decided we needed to take a detour on some of the stream beds on our search for icicles. We found some but they just were not the right size.
Eventually,  we found a decent bunch, Louis kept them. As we headed down Golden Clough a group of people looked on admiring Louis fantastic collection of icicles.
This is a lovely walk and I always like the view back up Grindsbrook. Louis arrived at the bridge near Edale  still bearing icicles. He ceremoniously dropped them and enjoyed the shattering sound as they splintered on the ground. This was ann easy 6 mile walk and Louis found much fun along the way.

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