Saturday, February 13, 2016

Snow Valley and Lost Lad

The walk of the winters snow started at Fairhomles with a snowball fight, I had with my  brother Louis. After the snowball fight we started the walk , the first part was very steep and slow because the snow was thick and not many people had been past yet. As we got further up the path it went into zig zags , that made it less steep and much easier to walk, therefore it quickened up the walk. We had a snack before lunch about halfway up to the top, we sheltered inside a grouse butt. I had one of my snacks from graze. On the way up we found some hare tracks.When we reached the top of lost lad I found it really windy , however. I didn't mind because I beat daddy and Louis to the top of lost lad. We were going to eat at the top but we thought it was to windy to eat ,so we went about a quarter of a mile down.  We all had our lunch. I had my lunch in the shelter tent and Louis and daddy had there lunch outside because they thought it would be to squashed if everyone went in there. For lunch, I had some sandwiches, an apple, some crisps and some Christmas cake. Yum yum! From there we proceeded with our walk.

 you could see the reflection in the lake  


                                                          here is the top of the dam.(it was flooding.)

                                             having the snacks in the grouse butt
                                                                     hare tracks
                                                                       a close up.

                                                                      at the top.

                                                                   by the snowman
                                                                      the end by Keisha Griffiths