Sunday, March 13, 2016

Robin Hoods stride

We discovered an excellent route today starting from the village of Middleton (near Youlgrave) we walked across the fields to Elton and the on towards the well recognised rocks of Robin Hoods stride also known as Mock Begger hall.
We then followed the limestone way. This path follows an Anglo-Saxon path to market known as the Portway. Our route lead us back to Youlgrave and along the beautiful Bradford Dale in the cool of the afternoon and back to Middleton. The route was 7.5 miles.

From Middleton we headed along the path to the caravan site at Hopping Farm.
We took a quick break on the rocks near Mawstone farm.

When we reached Robin Hoods stride we were quite tired but after some sustenance full energy levels were restored. We all enjoyed scrambling the rocks and investigating the strange alien flutings in the rocks.

Returning towards Youlgrave on the Limestone way.
When walking along Bradford dale we were reminded of a swimming experience a few years ago with Keisha. Some of the pools look good for a swim there is a sign indicating this. Our two heroes are keen to return and take a dip. By  now we are starting to tire... of course after a relatively short car ride home K and L both have recharged batteries. Happy days!

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amandaj said...

Can't wIt yo go back and try the swimming pools