Friday, April 1, 2016

Waterfall Scramble On Wild Boar Clough :-)

Today we went waterfall scrambling up Wild Boar Clough. When we were traveling to get to the point where we were supposed to start we were stopped because there were some builder replacing the old pylons for some new ones therefore we had to start our walk in a different place and do a different route to the one we had originally planned to do.

In the background you can see Torside reservoir, this was the first picture we saw on the walk. After this we followed the edge of the hill until we reached Wild Boar Clough.

In this picture we have just started climbing up Wild Boar Clough. The troll green rocks were very slippery so we tried very hard to avoid them so we didn't fall into the river. :-) 

This is another picture of the Clough before the waterfall started arriving. In some places the river was shallow , therefore it was ok to stand on, and in other places the water was really deep so we had to try and avoid them in the end we managed to.

When there was place to eat beside the river we decided to have lunch because we were all very hungry from going the river so we could have full energy to climb the waterfalls.

This is a picture of us just before we set off journeying up the river again. 

When we went a bit further up the river we found loads of waterfalls to climb. They were graded quite easily however the grease, wetness and slipperiness of the rock made it harder than it looks.
This is a picture of us before the start of this waterfall we had to climb. The waterfall in this picture is one of the ones that was hard to keep dry because it sprayed towards you.
This is a picture of another waterfall

This is a really deep pool that has foamy swirls inside of it. I really like the patterns inside it. Most of the water looked like coca cola.

We had to help each other to reach the next waterfall because the reach was massive but at least it wasn't greasy. There was quite a lot of heather on the rock so we had to step in the right places otherwise we would fall in the water and as you could see in the picture above it it very deep.
Here is me climbing one of the last waterfalls. This one was the very hardest because it was the greasiest and we had to go to the top of the river bank to get off the river then after that we went back in and started scrambling again.
This is looking down from the top on one of the waterfalls.

This is a sheep with one of her lamb, the lamb was following the sheep everywhere. Not far from here we saw a hare, the hare was still as white as snow. It was very quick so we didn't manage to get a photo
This was the last photo we took on the walk. It is taken just before we are about to go down shining Clough. My favourite part of the walk was scrambling up Wild Boar Clough to the top of Bleaklow.

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