Thursday, June 2, 2016

Cairngorm Adventure - Bynack Mhor

This was my 2nd Munro (Bynack Mhor.) I new it was going to be a good day, after all its the bigger the better. The plan was to go to Bynack Beg, from there Bynack Mhor, onto the saddle and up to the top of Cairngorm and down to the car park.

Here we are just walking past a loch along the path we found some deer traces, therefore we guessed that the deer had been walking along this path to.

 Walking along the same path, further along, I thought that the view was beautiful.
When we got further along this path we had to cross a river. Looking at the map before hand we thought that the river would be quite thick and deep. Though the river wasn't any of those, however it was fun to cross and leap to the other side.

In this picture we've already crossed the river and are heading towards Bynack Beg.

I love looking at the tiny lake on the bottom left of the picture.

The clouds were very interesting in this picture as the black clouds were mixing with the white clouds.

Here I am at the Barnes of Bynack heading towards A'Choinneach and from A'Choinneach, heading towards the Saddle.

A close up of the Barnes of Bynack.
Photo shoot
A wonderful view
Heading towards the Ptarmigan for a hot chocolate.  You can see that on one side the clouds are sunny and the other it is black clouds.

You can see Loch A'an in the middle of this picture. We are just heading towards the Saddle in this picture.
A close up of Loch A'an.
I really enjoyed this walk. The walk ended up as 10.75 miles this was one of the longest walks i've done.

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