Friday, August 12, 2016

deep gyhll stunner

We had been planning this Ghyll scramble from the beginning of  our holiday in the lakes and on the last full day (Friday) we accomplished it. It was 9 and a half miles and some of these miles were very hard as we were walking up across heather and many other plants for around a mile to exit the beck and climb onto the ridge. Today we planned to go up Haycock via Deep Gyhll and then come back down along another ridge of Haycock.

After we had walked around two miles we got to a bridge and the bridge was where we got are first view of the beck we were going to scramble up (Deep Ghyll). From here we could see how steep it was, though we had already looked at the map, and that it would be hard work leaving the river.

Here is another picture of the river as we crossed another bridge. The path that we were following then was hard to keep track of as their had been floods at the start of the year , however we still managed to find it.
In this picture you can see on the left where we walked up onto the ridge leading us to Haycock which was our summit of the day. From here we could see that near the top would be really misty and the visibility wouldn't be very good.
We had to check the map to check that this was the right Ghyll and that we had left the path at the right point. We put our waterproofs on and set off up the river. Unfortunately for me i fell in a few times. :)
This is me in the river as we had just entered the deep waters of the gyhll .
Here is my dad standing with his feet covered in water! :)
I am now standing in the chill of the water. It was absolutly freezing and i hoped to have a hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream, when i got home.
Here is another view of the river, you can see in this picture that the ground wouldn't be to pleasant to  walk on, fortunately we made it, even in the bad visibility.

In this picture you can see Ennerdale water which we walked around a bit to get to this point. you could see the waters all the time until we got high enough when there was to much mist and fog to see it down below.
This is a view from when we were walking up cross country in the heather and the bilberry plants.
This picture was taken near the top of Haycock we thought it was funny had the sheep was pink. He must have got extra paint on him when he was being marked by the farmer.
Here is another picture of the pink sheep and his friends! Haycock isnt a major mountain but its 2618 feet.
This is a picture from when we finally got our visibility back and you can see Ennerdale water in this picture.
This is me walking back i dared myself to jump in every puddle i see.
This was the best puddle to jump in, however my waterproofs got soaked. I really enjoyed this day out , because it was lots of fun scrambling up the river and walking through powerful waves.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Scafell Pike and the Corridor Route

Our day on Englands highest mountain was on of mixed weather making for an exciting day. We walked a route chosen by Keisha and Louis, a circuit starting from Wasdale head. Our route headed east along Lingmell Gill. Lingmell looks such a wonderful mountain. We joined the crowds but as we headed up the path leading to Mickeldore the crowds thinned out as the clouds thickened a bit more. Mickledore is the name of the pass between Scafell and Scafell Pike.

We enjoyed spotting some of the climbing routes on Pikes Crag and Scafell it was good to finally scramble across the boulders and pikes of Scafell to make the final summit. Visibility was fine.

As we descended Scafell pike in a north east direction towards Broad crag the rain decided to start. Descending from the pass to join the corridor route the heavens opened we received a substantial soaking! However by the time we had proceeded a little way along towards the corridor route  the rain stopped and it brightened up.

The corridor route is a fantastic passage through wonderful mountain country. We made good progress and on arrival at Sty Head I tempted Louis and Keisha with another peak they were both concerned that we arrive back at Wasdale head in good time. With a sensible decision made we wandered down the Moses trod path to Wasdale head. We were early but enjoyed a drink in the pub at the end.

Lingmell Gill with Mickledore in the distance

The paths up scafell are excellent quality as we climbed onto Mickledore, unsurprisingly the path became steeper and more challenging as we had to walk across increasing patches of scree.
Looking towards Scafell from Mickledore.

Looking back to Scafell

Louis near the summit cairn

Fantastic river gorge on Lingmell
Sty Head
Sty Head Tarn
The return path to Lingmell Beck and the Moses trod path

Nearing wasddale head Yewbarrow fell in the distance

Amazing Arch, please don't jump up and down!
A pint at the pub!

Monday, August 8, 2016

Scramble on Pavey Ark - Jack's Rake

One of the most exciting adventures on our lake district holiday was a scramble on pavey ark. Pavey Ark is a fantastic 400foot high crag which overlooks Stickle Tarn in the Langadale Pikes area.
Mummy dropped us off at car park near the dungeon Ghyll hotel. Our walk started with a walk up dungeon Ghyll. There were lots of people having fun scrambling the Ghyll, but we were excited about our forthcoming scramble. The scramble we had chosen is called Jacks Rake it proceeds diagonally across Pavey Ark from bottom right to top left. Before we  started our scramble we had a sandwich .

 The car park was in langdale  .
We started walking up the path.
 we loved this view of Dungeon Ghyll.
 I looked back at Langdale.
 This is a picture of   me and keisha, Pavey Ark (our scramble) is the big crag in the background.
 and another picture.that picture was after we ate some food.
 This is stickle tarn, Harrison Stickle is the hill behind the tarn.

 This is the path.
 We were going to the scramble, you can see Jack's Rack  going diagonally across the crag.

 We started scrambling it was a grade 1 scramble, it was   very dangerous!
 This was a nice view.
 There are 3 ash tree's on the route.
we got to the first ash tree.
we got to a ridge .we also achieved the third ash tree.
we walked to the end of the ridge and got to the second ash tree.
we started scrambling.
we got to the third ash tree and the top of the scramble, hooray. We carried on to the top of Harrison stickle.
we were near the edge on the top of Harrison Stickle.
 This is a view of the route  .
 We crossed a stream

On our way back down, we saw a warterfall .
we liked this view  of Langdale
We had nearly finished .
we loved it.