Friday, August 12, 2016

deep gyhll stunner

We had been planning this Ghyll scramble from the beginning of  our holiday in the lakes and on the last full day (Friday) we accomplished it. It was 9 and a half miles and some of these miles were very hard as we were walking up across heather and many other plants for around a mile to exit the beck and climb onto the ridge. Today we planned to go up Haycock via Deep Gyhll and then come back down along another ridge of Haycock.

After we had walked around two miles we got to a bridge and the bridge was where we got are first view of the beck we were going to scramble up (Deep Ghyll). From here we could see how steep it was, though we had already looked at the map, and that it would be hard work leaving the river.

Here is another picture of the river as we crossed another bridge. The path that we were following then was hard to keep track of as their had been floods at the start of the year , however we still managed to find it.
In this picture you can see on the left where we walked up onto the ridge leading us to Haycock which was our summit of the day. From here we could see that near the top would be really misty and the visibility wouldn't be very good.
We had to check the map to check that this was the right Ghyll and that we had left the path at the right point. We put our waterproofs on and set off up the river. Unfortunately for me i fell in a few times. :)
This is me in the river as we had just entered the deep waters of the gyhll .
Here is my dad standing with his feet covered in water! :)
I am now standing in the chill of the water. It was absolutly freezing and i hoped to have a hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream, when i got home.
Here is another view of the river, you can see in this picture that the ground wouldn't be to pleasant to  walk on, fortunately we made it, even in the bad visibility.

In this picture you can see Ennerdale water which we walked around a bit to get to this point. you could see the waters all the time until we got high enough when there was to much mist and fog to see it down below.
This is a view from when we were walking up cross country in the heather and the bilberry plants.
This picture was taken near the top of Haycock we thought it was funny had the sheep was pink. He must have got extra paint on him when he was being marked by the farmer.
Here is another picture of the pink sheep and his friends! Haycock isnt a major mountain but its 2618 feet.
This is a picture from when we finally got our visibility back and you can see Ennerdale water in this picture.
This is me walking back i dared myself to jump in every puddle i see.
This was the best puddle to jump in, however my waterproofs got soaked. I really enjoyed this day out , because it was lots of fun scrambling up the river and walking through powerful waves.

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