Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Hope - The idwal slabs

We've had a climbing shortage this year! With a spare day from annual leave at work there was an opportunity to go climbing. I'd been watching the weather for a few days it looked as though the rain could break, we might be lucky!

We'd planned on climbing on the Idwal Slabs, Hope seemed like an excellent option. We arrived fairly early from South Yorkshire to wonderful blue skies, wow, perfect we were both eager to climb in these wonderful mountains.

llyn Idwal onad Pen Yr Olwen in the background

The walk to the Idwal slabs from Ogwen cottage is quick and easy with wonderful views of Llyn Idwal the Glyders and the wonderful geology of the Devils Kitchen. All these features never cease to amaze.

The crag glistened with the remaining water from yesterdays rain. I headed off on the first pitch with a few wobbles the climbing was enjoyable and I was soon back into it.

We climbed some wonderfully long climbing pictures it was great to get our skills back in order.
The descent from the top of the slab was rather exciting we had to continue scrambling to the top and traverse across to a descent gully. Fortunately arrows scratched into the rock indicate a sensible scrambling line. However the descent gully was decidedly precarious, we rigged an abseil to take us past the tricky part of the descent.
As I looked back at Glyder Fawr I became fascinated and tempted by that fantastic line of Hope, Lazarus and Grey slabs on Glyder Fawr.

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