Monday, January 25, 2016

King Arthur and the end of Roman Britain

The Romans leave Britain

In 410 AD the Roman emperor Hornorious wrote a letter telling Britain Roman soldiers to defend the Roman soldiers in Rome as they were being attacked by vicious barbarians. Without these soldiers to defend Britain, the Anglo-Saxons would be able  to cross the North Sea from the Scandinavia , Germany and Holland. Therefore Britain became theirs.

Roman life crumbles

Britain didn't just lose the Roman soldiers. The money that had poured into Britain to pay the Roman soldiers' wages also stopped arriving . By 411 AD hardly any new coins were made, so simply the money just ran out. No could afford to for workers to rebuild their creations and work shops didn't have enough enough money to stay there so they vanished .
All of the luxuries of Roman Britain went away. The mosaics the Roman had made were dug into to make hearths for fires and the old buildings had been crumbled into ruins therefore they were ruined and replaced with wooden homes.

But life went on

Many farms and towns struggled bit they learnt to cope with it. The new houses were made out of wood and the was made out of wattle and daub (sticks and wood plastered with mud and dung.) instead of stone (that the Romans used.)  The Roman bathhouses and amphitheatres were no longer part of life and houses were built of these building as they had crumbled into disrepair as no one looked after them. But not everything the Romans invented had gone because the vicars and the highest levels of society still spoke Latin which the Romans spoke in. 

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Petition To prevent all hydraulic fracturing from taking place within the Peak District.

In light to HM Government's recent decision to allow hydraulic fracturing via horizontal drilling, we state this decision should be repealed with an immediate effect.
Not only due to the UK's recent agreement to tackle climate change in Paris, also preserve the Peak District for future generations.

For further information and references see

Friday, January 1, 2016

New Year Waders and Toasted Marshmallows

After a wonderful Christmas break we wanted to make the most of our remaining leave from work. The day before new years eve was particularly grotty with storm Frank wreaking havoc across the North. Perfect, the weather has been grim for most of December, there was nothing for it, wrap up and go for it! I drove to Hayfield with the objective of walking over the Kinder western edge via mount famine and brown knoll.

The start of the walk left Hayfield via the excellent pennine bridleway, the route map is shown above. The bridleway was followed as far as South Top, from that point I followed a drystone wall and footpath to Brown Knoll. Normally it would be good to take in the top of mount famine but with the buffeting experienced on the bridleway I decided to make for the objective of Kinder Low.

Route finding along here was easy, the main path leads directly towards the top of Brown Knoll. I had a spot of lunch at the footpath crossroad (leading to Swines Back, Jacobs ladder, Edale Cross and Brown Knoll). It was great to sit in the shelter tent after being drenched by quite a lot of rain. I'm quite impressed by the waterproof trousers given to me by a friend, these did a fantastic job. The conditions were excellent for kit testing! I headed up to Swinesback and onto Kinder Low. Arriving at the Kinder Downfall, huge quantities of water were being blown back up. I had to head a long way back upstream to reach a suitable point to cross the river, very full, very fast and reached my knee at one point. Heading north towards Mill Hill the walk had an epic feel as the buffeting reached its height. I returned to Hayfield via the path along William clough.
This was an excellent circuit which would be great to complete as a trail run.

After the previous days excitement New Years eve was a beautiful day for walking, typical! We went for a climb at the Foundry which was great fun and a good opportunity for Keisha to test or return her new climbing harness.

For new years day we had a cold frosty morning with some low cloud. Keisha and Louis had said they wanted to go out and do some den building. After locating top secret nearby woods we were very lucky to find a suitable tree for den building purposes.
The Den Before
We spent time running around gathering material to form the walls of the den which were supported by a longer central ridge.

The Den After

Snuggling in the Den

Marshmallow toasting

After den building we sat in our camp eating hot dogs and toasting marshmallows. This was a contrast to last year, I'm really proud of my two youngsters who wrote last years first blog "Snow Fun".