Saturday, October 29, 2016

Lest We Forget

A happy combination of circumstances resulted in Louis and myself waking ridiculously early for a Saturday morning to go trail running. One of my running friends had recommended a run to the B29 Flying Fortress on Higher Shelf Stones for remembrance day. Keisha had said that she didn't really like to visit the aircraft wreck, she was thinking of the aircrew their lives as a result of the crash. Keisha's point made me think that we should participate in the rememberance run

The run was called "Lest we Forget" and set up by a group of fell runners through a community on facebook.

Lest we forget on Facebook

We met on the summit of Snake Pass at around 0730 on a foggy and drizzly morning, Louis was quite excitable about the prospect of an early morning trail run to higher shelf stones. As we would probably be the slowest members of the party I let the group know that we were OK with map reading ( well almost :-)  ). We were at the back of the group and made our way along the Pennine Way both Louis and myself enjoying splashing around in the mud and water.

 Since we were the slowest I decided to start heading upto Higher Shelf Stones from around the Hern stones. I set the bearing and we were soon bog trotting properly across the moor. As luck would have it we arrived directly at the memorial site and paid our respects. Louis had done a fabulous job of making his way across the moor with me. We were moving fairly quickly and Louis kept this up, excellent effort.

The foggy day added to the atmosphere and the single poppy in Mats phot ( above) lends itself to the solemnity and the reason why were doing this run. We all decided to make a donation to the Royal British Legion poppy appeal for rememberance day.
Lest we forget Just Giving

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Bleaklow Wander

It was good to arrive in Old Glossop on a bright and breezy morning. We parked up near the factory buildings on Shepley street. Rather head out in the obvious direction of the Doctors Gate path, Alan suggested heading up the road a liitle where there was a track heading out onto the moor. 

We ended up on an excellent path taking us to the top of Cock Hill and then onto Torside castle. This mound was thought to have been the site of a wooden castle there appears to be some uncertainty though. There will lots of slippy wooden duckboards over here some sinking into the quagmire!

 We dropped down to a grouse butt overlooking Torside Clough and labelled "The Pulpit" and offering fine views.

 After dropping down slightly into Torside clough we headed in a Northerly direction towards the northern edge of Bleaklow. Walking across Shining Clough Moss  was not to difficult, we were well above wild boar clough, it was slightly easier. However we were proceeding in a more north easterly direction and were not where we expected to be.

Aiming cross country towards near Black Clough  we stopped in the shelter of a pleasant grassy clough for sandwiches. The path along near Black clough was excellent and we were soon at Bleaklow head.
 At the trig point on higher shelf stones I realised that we had missed the B29 memorial. I was surprised because a group of people enquired about it. After walking in a small circle we had retraced our steps and eventually found the memorial.
We returned to Old Glossop along the Doctors  Gate path and enjoyed a pint in the pub.

Matt posted some fabulous pictures on facebook