Sunday, January 8, 2017

Fog on the Sky line

We have some great plans for the new year running, climbing, walking and scrambling. Today, I tried a favourite route that I've blogged many times, the Edale Skyline. This is a great training route for big racing ambitions and I have a new ambition! It was great to get out with buddies from the North Derbyshire Running Club.  Mat and Steve, two speed merchants from the club blasted ahead up Parkin Clough and onto Win Hill despite loads of training this is still a challenge for me! They also went really well up Lose Hill and Mam Tor although I must say I've noticed a slight improvement in my own performance. The route is shown below.
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It was a wet foggy day as we  headed up onto Rushup Edge, there were some nice views as the cloud cleared momentarily. I was surprised by the great stone slabs across Brown Knoll making the crossing here much easier.

We were all delighted by the stone features (the zoological park) on the southern edge of the Kinder plateau. Despite being very boggy we were all moving really well across the southern edge. Near the Druid stone, to make sure we picked up the correct path taking us near to Crookstone barn, we had to check the map and compass. This proved to be a wise idea as we had to take a couple of details or otherwise attempt the Kinder orbital!

The final section back up to Win Hill is always a sustained push and I suffer on this once again I felt it was quite difficult bet I do feel somewhat stronger. A mistake with today was that towards the end I felt quite low energy. Although I'd ate and drank properly the previous evening I wasn't taking on sufficient energy throughout the run. Looks like I may try the tailwind again.


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