Sunday, January 15, 2017

Soggy and Boggy Litton Walk

We met the Castle Mountaineering Club at Litton, Hugh greeted my children with the words kids "do you want to call child line"? This is typical Hugh humour. Today was not a particularly pleasant day for a walk  as the remainder of the dusting of snow was being washed away by steady rain.

Andrew and Ali planned an excellent route. The route took us out of Litton along church lane to Tideswell. From slancote lane we walked along to Monks dale and followed the limestone way towards Wormhill. From here we dropped down into Millers dale there was a lot of water and the main path was under water.

Conveniently, at Millers Dale railway station the rain eased and we sat on the benches to eat our sandwiches and the last of the Christmas cake. Hot ribena restored some warmth to us.

We continued along the Monsal trail until Litton mill where we joined the path to Tideswell dale. There was much entertainment trees decorated with baubles and a cave explored a little way by Hugh and myself. Thanks to a head torch from Louis, Hugh and myself ventured along. Further along the trail some signs had been altered both Keisha and Louis find this highly amusing and were giggling their way along the path.

A fungus decorated tree along Tideswell dale. Returning to Litton Keisha and Louis were still laughing about the sign. My attempts to calm them failed. Hugh, kindly intervened and picked Louis up and deposited headfirst him into a puddle, well almost. We were all laughing. Despite the weather we had a wonderful day.  It was good to meet up with friends from the CMC again and to meet new friends. 

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