Sunday, March 5, 2017

Lathkill with the Tiggers

I'm frequently asked about the length of a walk, most of the time I guess, occasionally I attempt a fairly accurate measurement. For reference the length of this walk was determined using my Garmin watch and came out to be 4.2 miles. That's the distance along Lathkill dale going from Conksbury bidge to the gate at the top of the dale near the village of Monyash.

Before Amanda dropped us off at Conksbury bridge, she reminded us of an excellent new years eve walk with Sally and Simon's family ( New Years Eve at Lathkill Dale).

 Louis dabbing in front a a fallen victim of storm Doris! I try to dab but I just get dirty looks!

It was good to wander around the remains of the Bateman's house here we went through a gate and  descended  some iron steps to the entrance of a 12m lead mine shaft. This was safely fenced off and nearby there was a winder which when turned illuminated the shaft, it was very pretty.

There was a lot of water and the cave, from which the river starts was gushing, it would have been perilous to explore here today.

As we neared the top of the dale we recalled old gruesome tales!

Happy in't Mud!

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