Sunday, June 4, 2017

The Spire Ultra

This weekend my training for the 110km Lakeland Trail race culminated in what will be the most intense part of training. This was a 36 mile run on the first day and followed on the next day with a 21 miler. It was potentially a problem because this weekend I was supposed to do a 20 mile run on each day the 36+21 mile weekend was supposed to be next week. My body has adapted to the intense mileage but I've experienced over use issues with my Illio tibial band this has responded to reduced mileage, rollering and exercises. It was a risk to do the 36/21 mile session this weekend.

The previous weekend I'd run the spire ultra this was a wonderful race organised by members of the North Derbyshire running club, Jamie and Claire Glaizebrook.

The map above shows the route around Chesterfield the route recces were enjoyable social runs I really should have paid attention to the route. Although it's well signed the recce was very helpful and I picked up some great tips from everyone. The route  has opened up many opportunities for new running routes. Full details are provided in the links below.

Race day was great the week had been rather hot and I must say that the idea of a 6 hour run with high levels of heat filled me with some concern. We were fortunate the day started cool and rain was forecast. It was pleasant to run under the trees in the cooling rain. The remainder of the run was bright, sunny and hot a fab day with excellent support from NDRC club members marshalling along the route. I completed the 34 mile route in 6 hours 34 minutes.

The 36 mile route I attempted the following weekend was very satisfying I ran the route of the Grindelford gallop and extended it by running along Stanage edge and up to High Neb. I ran back via Bamford and ran along the path running alongside the river Derwent to Grindelford. The route is shown below.

 Getting out the following day was difficult but I managed it. It was OK once I got going. I completed one of the most challenging weeks of my training plan. Now to taper the effort and prepare for the actual race!



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