Saturday, July 29, 2017

Castle Mountaineering Club 50th Anniversary Challenges

I've been a member of the Castle Mountaineering club (CMC) for many years, I've had many great times and I have lots of good friends. It was the CMC that has encouraged a love of the peak district, introduced me to the delights of Rock Climbing, Munro Bagging and mountaineering.

As part of its 50th Anniversary celebrations the CMC has organised some 50th anniversary challenges. These include walking, cycling and climbing challenges.

Keisha climbing crack and corner... very stylish! Dave Pendlebury belaying.

The Castle Mountaineering Club was founded in 1967 and to celebrate the 50th anniversary year in  2017, a number of special events and activities will be held. 
A grand anniversary reunion and dinner will be held on the 21st of October 2017. The dinner will be part of a 50th Anniversary Reunion and Celebration Weekend – 20-22 October 2017. There is a Sheffield Star article, dated 19 May 2017.

I'd intended completing 50 hills in the lake district as part of my training for the lakeland ultra.  By completing legs of the Bob Graham Round. I will have completed at least 42, time constraints  it'll be a struggle to do the full fifty.

It has been great to participate in the cycle challenge and the climbing challenge. For the cycle challenge I completed a mini tour of the peak district. A 58.5 mile bike ride going into Sheffield, heading out to Bamford, Bakewell and Baslow before returning home to Chesterfield.  Annoyingly I couldn't participate in the walk challenge because I had to spend time recovering from the Lake District Ultimate Trail race which I ran on the 1st July.

Timing for the climbing challenge was perfect, schools had broken up and I took a couple of days off with Keisha and Louis. For the climbing challenge we climbed Trafalgar Crack at Birchen, Keisha and Louis selected rather a pleasent slab at Baslow edge we enjoyed a family sunday trip out. Our visit to Harborough rocks was interesting we arrived in time to meet the CMC and to complete a short route near the trident buttress. By the time it was Louis turn the heavens opened Louis climbed skillfully in the rain on wet limestone and arrived at the top with teeth chattering.

The following day Saturday 29th July was forecast to be good and we took advantage by joining the CMC at the Stanage Popular End. We had a great day attempting a wonderful collection of routes.

Heather Wall(great fun a got a top rop off Dave Pendlebury)
Crack and Corner (Keisha got a top rope)
The Middle of Button Wall

Keisha and Louis are doing really well with the climbing they are becoming familiar now with the processes of lead climbing. Keisha is learning how to set up anchors and how to belay safely, of course I only attempt very easy routes, supporting your dad's weight is challenging and beyond the call of duty!  With the CMC around it was nice to try more challenging routes we are all feeling very enthused by our Castle Climbing Club meet!

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