Saturday, August 26, 2017

Dabbing on Lliwedd

This was a fab weekend of scrambling in North Wales I climbed Snowdon and did the Snowdon horseshoe.A  quik way up snowdon if you dont want to walk is getting the funicular  I also went up a mountain called Tryfan and scrambled on it's north ridge, but would I jump from Adam to Eve? 

Some of the scrambling was really hard but it was  fun we met lots of people the routes we did 
were realy fun!!!!!!!!(scrambling is like bouldering just that its doing lots of to the top of a mountain)

                                         (me dabbing on  Lliwedd)

After we came back from our mountain adventure in Italy I went to Wales with my dad we stayed there for 3 days camping at Nant Peris. On the first day we had arrived in the evening, we just set up the tent. For some reason hot and cold showers were at the campsite.

On the second day we did the Snowdon horseshoe we used the park and ride to get their because the car park at Pen y Pass is usually full by 07:30 on a busy day. Our route started from the pen y pass
you follow the pyg track to  Bwlch y Moch  and went on to another path and then on to crib goch as we got closer the path got steeper.
                                    this is just the easy bit of the route up to the scramble.
                                                       In my opinion this was the nicest view we saw.
                                                       This is what the ridge looks like the over side was a vertical drop.
We started scrambling along the ridge it was very cloudy there were lots of holds but it was very exposed the rock was very lose .
Here's a picture of me scrambling along the ridge you can see some of the cloud that we were in
This is a line of rocks that leads all the way to the bottom.
This is some of the scrambling we did that isn't on the ridge. it was hard you had to mantle shelf on some of it.It was really expose
This is a picture that we took while desending from one of the mountains.
I was so happy of what I had a acomplished already while I was heading to the next ridge.
This is a picture of where we were walked to the 2nd horn of Llwedd
The ninja!

Our first view of the lake as we came down, we had almost completed the horseshoe

This is the path from high up.

the horns of Lliwedd look amazing


This is a better picture of the lake.

This was hard to climb up but I got up when another person was climbing up this their water bottle hit my shoulder.
This is near the top of the mountain. chasm crossed
This is me sitting on Eve dad didn't let me jump from Adam to Eve!

this is a crag we passed on the way down

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