Saturday, April 21, 2018

Mass Trespass Kinder Downfall Recce

The day before the London Marathon was hot and sunny and after a fair amount of running mileage for the week I'd opted for a recovery walk on the western edge of Kinder scout. We started our route from the Bowden bridge car park.

As we walked along the road towards the Kinder reservoir we came across the sheep wash pool. We headed onto the fell side and our route joined onto that of the fell race which is part of the Hayfield fell race series, detailed in the links below.

Route description and profile

Additional route notes

Keisha and Louis tried to make friends with various different sheep on the way up.

Canada geese from Kinder reservoir.

Wonderful waterfalls along William Clough.

Pools above the Kinder downfall.

We visited the trig point at Kinder low but here we decided to deviate from the fell race route. Instead we followed the ridge towards Kinder Low end and visited the cairn on the way.

On our return Keisha and Louis insisted on ice cream from the new artisan ice cream place in Chesterfield called scrapes....  wonderful worth the wait :-)

The Hayfield fell race series

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